Call for papers: Perspectives on precarity in TESL

Special issue of Contact

Precarious work is a reality faced across many employment sectors in this age of the ‘gig economy’. Given its susceptibility to and dependence upon a variety of factors (economic trends, political shifts, linguistic developments, policy decisions, etc.), the TESL field is, and has always been, particularly impacted by this reality.

This special issue of Contact seeks to explore this phenomenon from the perspectives of a variety of sectors in the TESL field. Submissions are welcome from TESL professionals in the post-secondary, LINC, private language school, and teacher training sectors. We also welcome perspectives from business, politics, and economics.

The issue will be guest-edited by Jeff Brown, PhD, professor at George Brown College.

Possible topics include:

  • educating pre-service TESL professionals on precarious employment
  • precarious employment as professional development: myths and realities (pros/cons)
  • teaching as a vocation amidst precarity (why teach ESL?)
  • preparing for precarious work (the contract teacher’s ‘tool box’)
  • the post-secondary EAP teacher and precarious employment
  • student and teacher precarity in LINC programs
  • the upside of contract work
  • the ‘gig economy’ and English as a lingua franca
  • online education, AI, and precarious language teaching

Submissions on other topics are welcome.  Please submit manuscripts to: Jeff Brown

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