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iTEP International is thrilled to announce its new membership and webinar sponsor partnership with TESL Ontario. Our iTEP Canada team looks forward to meeting members of the TESL Ontario community and continuing to service and support international students and educational professionals in Canada. Learn more about iTEP and our exams at:

Who is iTEP International?
iTEP International is a Los Angeles, California-based company that provides English testing solutions to the international education community. In 2008, iTEP created a fully Internet-based all-skills English language assessment tool, the iTEP Academic-Plus exam. It was the first time that non-native English speakers could securely assess their English language fluency online and on-demand.

Since then, iTEP and its team of linguists and ESL specialists have continued to develop innovative English testing solutions for all phases of the international student evaluation experience, including test prep, pre-arrival, admissions, and placement. iTEP partners with universities, colleges, K-12 schools, and language schools all around the world to provide flexible English testing. See iTEP’s full range of products at

Our services offer customizable exams that can be tailored to fit the needs of our clients, concise exams that can be completed in 90 minutes or less, superior customer service, 24/7 testing availability, 24-hour grading by highly qualified ESL professionals, delivered on a highly secure platform. Since 2008, iTEP has helped hundreds of schools around the world find testing solutions that suit their needs including Sheridan College and the Niagara Christian Collegiate. Read more about schools iTEP has helped at

Examples of iTEP English language testing solutions in Canada
In 2020, iTEP helped Sheridan College find a new testing solution when the Covid-19 pandemic made Sheridan College’s paper-based proficiency test unsafe for students to take at their Ontario campus. The school needed an online test that was securely monitored and brief enough for students to take during a single session. The iTEP Snapshot exam provided the answer with safe, accurate, and quick testing. The exam offered a turnkey solution with a 60-minute assessment that covered Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. It was available on-demand and delivered results 24 hours or less, graded by certified ESL professionals. The iTEP Snapshot exam scores also matched the school’s tiered ESL program for easy placement. The smooth and reliable testing provided through iTEP Snapshot was essential for the continued success of Sheridan College’s ESL program.

Read the full story of how Sheridan College found their iTEP solution at

In 2013, iTEP provided Niagara Christian Collegiate (NCC), a private boarding school in Ontario, Canada, a fast, flexible, and reliable exam when the school’s previous “pen and paper” exam was no longer available. NCC needed an exam that could be modified to their needs, provide detailed result, and could be taken without scheduling. The iTEP SLATE-Plus met all these requirements. iTEP SLATE’s 24/7 availability allowed NCC to test students as they arrived on campus for first time placement or skills reassessment. The fast, comprehensive results provided NCC staff insights into key areas where students needed more development. iTEP SLATE results also help students and student counselors discuss course selection. The exam results were easy to manage and highly shareable, so test administrators could send them to parents, students, student counselors, and ESL teachers for consultation. Read about the NCC’s full iTEP experience in their Q&A interview at:

Since 2008, iTEP has worked with middle/high schools, universities and colleges, agencies, and language schools in countries around the world to create secure, affordable, on-demand testing for all. Find out more about our Canadian services on our new page for all things iTEP in Canada: You can also meet our outstanding iTEP Canada team at one of the several upcoming conferences we will be attending throughout Canada, including the CAPS-I Conference, the TESL Ontario Conference, the CBIE Conference, and the Languages Canada Conference next year. We hope to see you there!

Find out more about what is happening at iTEP on any of our social pages: LinkedIn (, Twitter (, or Facebook (

If you are an institution looking for testing solutions, contact us to learn more: Lorena Chatwell Business Development Manager – Canada & Brazil (



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Lorena Chatwell is an international business development professional, with over 15 years of experience working in the international education industry. Born in Brazil but based in Canada, Lorena holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from her home country and has worked on several projects involving educational institutions and companies in Canada and Latin America. During her career in international education, she has worked for language schools, colleges and universities as well as her own consulting company, supporting business development, strategic partnerships, marketing and recruitment. At iTEP, Lorena is responsible for developing new strategic partnerships, showcasing the iTEP exams as a solution to academic and corporate partners within the Brazilian
and Canadian markets.

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