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In the last issue we took a quick look at cognitive linguistics. This time, Jackie Nenchin introduces us to systemic functional linguistics (SFL). Elizabeth O’Dowd then shows us how one MATESOL program that teaches SFL is updating their curriculum, considering the growth of English as a world language. If revamping your program sounds good, and you think you have the management skills to do it, Kara Mac Donald and Ketty Reppert have some hints about how to become a program administrator.

Continuing with the least-you-should-know series about other languages, John Steckley provides a gentle introduction to the Ojibwa language. This also inspired our cover image “Learning” by Ojibwa artist Benjamin Chee Chee.

Our remaining articles are from Alina Filip, who describes dynamic writing assessment, and Jocelyn Wiley, who walks us through the oral group essay.

It’s always good to cast a wide net when looking for new ideas. We round out this issue with a collection of brief essays looking at how other fields, from cognitive science to yoga, can inform our practice.

Finally, our long-promised website is finally, finally, finally, ready to launch, finally. This will provide access to past issues but also allow you to view individual articles in either PDF or web format. I hope you find the website convenient and useful.

If you are a presenter at this year’s conference, please, consider publishing a writeup of you presentation in the conference issue of Contact.

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Editor's Note
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