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Brett ReynoldsInterest in generative and transformational grammar peaked in the 1970s, while interest in cognitive linguistics (CL) has been growing since the mid 80s. In our lead article, Frank Boers explains how CL can be applied to teaching vocabulary and phraseology.

We have three articles on language tests. Shayla Ahmad reviews the Reading Section of the CELPIP-General Test, an alternative for immigrants wishing to demonstrate English- language ability. Beverly Baker and her colleagues at the University of Ottawa report on their research into telephone oral interview tasks in university admissions. And Elizabeth Jean Larson & Clarissa Lau review the STEP test for elementary and secondary students.

With this issue, we begin a series of articles on the least you should know about various language. We begin with Eric Henry’s introduction to Mandarin, one of the most common languages among international students and recent immigrants to Ontario. If there are languages you’d like to learn more about, please, write to suggest an article.

We also include articles about blended learning, critical thinking, and planning field trips, along with our Viva la lingua franca column by Eufemia Fantetti.

As always, we welcome and depend on your contributions. I do hope to hear from you.

Brett Reynolds

Editor's Note
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