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Contents Summer 2016

  • Spotlight — Shahriar Mirshahidi View
  • Wax on. Wax off. View
  • Recommendations for the inclusion of mathematics education in language instruction for newcomers to Canada (LINC) View
  • Using cinema as a teaching tool in the language classroom View
  • Promoting intercultural communicative competence in ESL classes View
  • The rise of random task generators in language learning: Embracing the era of randomness View
  • A framework for self-regulated learning in an ESOL classroom View
  • Editor’s Note View
  • Exploring Rhyme and Reason in Vocabulary and Phraseology View
  • A Review of the Reading Section of the CELPIP-general Test View
  • Telephone Oral Interview Tasks in University Admissions Language Testing View
  • Steps to English Proficiency View
  • Language on the Orient Express: A Guide to Mandarin for English Teachers View
  • Supporting Blended Learning in an EFL Teaching Environment View
  • Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in a Disciplinary Context View
  • Linc Field Trips in the Post-Funding World: Five Changes View
  • Viva La Lingua Franca: On the Art of the Apology View