The leaves of the Canadian polycultural tree

It is a fact that the maple leaf is the ubiquitous symbol of Canada. At no time are you able to avoid its omnipresent inspirational influence being in Canada. Due to this fact, our class decided to choose creating a symbolic maple tree with our pictures on it, to celebrate ESL week. This project is to show that now we have the same roots, although we all came from different places.

The project was launched in the middle of the fall, when trees changed their colors into autumn tints from green, yellow to red. All of us were asked to collect these beautifully colored maple leaves and then we pressed them. It was essential that the leaves be flat. Also, I would like to note that all members of the class, inspired by our incisive, benevolent teacher, participated in this project and contributed a part of themselves. For instance, Karolina brought significant collection of lovely, gorgeous leaves from High Park or creative Iris painted the trunk and branches of the tree and printed our pictures in amazing oval frames. Finally, we put together all parts and received an exquisite maple tree poster, which we fixed on the wall adjacent to our classroom.

All of us were satisfied with the result. Also, we got a really pleasant experience.

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